Intensive probe underway to solve mystery over adult bison’s death at Buxa tiger reserve

12 Jan 2018

Prompt action of forest employees prevented the attempt of smuggling flesh of a bison killed at Adma second compartment of Pana range located at western part of Buxa tiger reserve on Wednesday. The quick action of the forest employees has been lauded by state forest minister Binaykrishna Burman and head of state wildlife department Rabikant Sinha.
It has been learnt from sources that the dead bison was found at Bua tiger reserve during inspection of forest employees on Wednesday. No bullet mark was found in the body and hence autopsy was done on Thursday to know the exact cause of the animal’s death.
It is being anticipated that the bison was killed by poachers to sell its meat at clandestine markets where it is sold for Rs 250 per kilo. The dead bison weighed approximately 700 kilo as learnt from forest department sources.
Notably, killing of bison is forbidden according to Wildlife Protection act, 1972 and may result in rigorous imprisonment up to seven years.
Sniffer dog was engaged at the spot to get clues about how the bison was killed. A written complaint was lodged with Kalchini police station by the forest officials. However, the employees of Buxa tiger reserve remained tightlipped in this regard.
Burman, state forest minister said, “The forest employees’ effort prevented the attempt of smuggling. It shows that our departmental staffs are always on alert.”
Sinha said, “We are happy with the vigilance of our employees. We anticipate that the matured bison was killed out of the greed to sell its flesh. A thorough probe is underway. We hope that the culprits would be identified and arrested soon.” (EOIC)