Python suspected to be killed in lightning while consuming fawn

27 Jul 2018

Mystery prevailed at a forest under Pana range of Buxa tiger reserve after a huge python measuring approximately 18 ft was found dead today. Body of a baby deer found laid at the vicinity further complicated the mystery.
Post-mortem of both the animals was ordered by the forest officials of Pana range. It has been learnt from sources in the forest department that the dead python was discovered in the forest’s compartment number 3 while the forest-employees were taking strolls at the area.
“We are not sure of the cause of death of such a huge python. Hence post-mortem was ordered. But primarily it seems that the snake was killed in lightning while preying the fawn,” said a forest official.
It was anticipated that the python killed the baby deer and while it was on the verge of consuming, the giant snake was hit by lightning and died on spot. It may be mentioned that another python was seen consuming a goat at a field near Pinky Choupathi proximate to Jaldapara national sanctuary in Birpara-Madarihat block on Thursday. The python was rescued and left in the forest. (EOIC)