Tuskers’ venture for grabbing midday meal rice continues

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27 Jul 2018

Elephants are now targeting the hoards of rice kept for cooking midday meal in different schools of the district. After a school building in Birpara-Madarihat block was damaged by a tusker on Thursday, a herd of tuskers attacked Jai Birpara junior high school early today.
Debasish Mishra, headmaster of the school said that the villagers had informed him a parade of three tuskers came to the school presumably in search of rice kept for midday meal. As the jumbos could not avail their target, they in a fit of rage damaged the kitchen and the office of the school building demolishing several furniture.
“We witnessed similar attack by tuskers before also. The matter has been communicated to higher officials and the North Bengal development department,” Mishra said.
Another herd of tuskers ravaged crops over seven bighas of land in the same block in early morning. Tapan Rava, a habitant of the locality said, “We drove away the elephants that attacked the school after a toilsome effort. But a fresh attack was made by another herd that wasted the ripe crops in our field. We would seek compensation for that.”
It may be mentioned that after the advent of elephant was noticed, panic gripped the students and their guardians who anticipated that the jumbo might target the school again. Anupam Roy, headmaster of Nopania Dheklapara TGS primary school that was attacked on Wednesday night said that the matter was brought to the notice of the higher authority.