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Ashis Biswas

India’s efforts to achieve greater connectivity with its Eastern neighbors like Bangladesh and Myanmar have made progress, as specific linkages between cities and ports get worked out. However, to sustain and maintain the present positive momentum, Delhi must address Dhaka’s growing concerns about the sharing of Teesta river waters.

L.S. Herdenia

Madhya Pradesh has emerged as an important centre for terrorist activities. In the middle of last month it was discovered that a group of 9 persons in the state was supplying secret information to Pakistan's, Intelligence agency (ISI). The most sensational revelation was that some members of this group had intimate connection with Sangh Parivar. This group was getting huge sums for the services rendered by them.

The BJP has performed unexpectedly well in the elections to the five State assemblies. In UP, exit polls indicate it would emerge victorious but what has happened (322 seats out of 403) is just unbelievable. The SP-Congress alliance and Mayawati’s BSP have been all but wiped out. Even in Punjab the result was very different from what was expected. Exit polls indicated a neck and neck fight between the Congress and the BJP while the SAD-BJP alliance was expected to kiss the dust with just seven seats. Actually, the SAD-BJP alliance has done much better.