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Prashant Acharya

Popular dance-artist Remo D’Souza will be visiting Siliguri for the first time and give dance lessons at a carnival organised by KAS Production and RM Pictures.

B K Chum

India is being turned into a theocratic state which the BJP’s ideological mentor RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has been ‘euphemistically’(?) describing as “Hindu Rashtra”. Signs of the ‘radical change’ have been emerging since Narendra Modi’s assumption of prime ministership three years ago. The situation took a worrisome form last month with the elevation of the extremist saffron cleric Yogi Adityanath, head of the Gorakhnath Math as Chief Minister of India’s most populous heartland state of Uttar Pradesh.

Arun Srivastava

Prime Minister Narendra Modi envisions a new and reconfigured India after the clean sweep of the Uttar Pradesh assembly election by the BJP. Though he foresaw empowerment of dalit, poor and youth workforce as the basic components of the New India, he was quite ambiguous and did not elucidate the basic character and basis of the proposed New India. What would happen to the tenets and ethos that India has been practising and following during these years.

The Gujarat Assembly has just passed an amendment to the ‘Gujarat Animal Preservation Act’. When the amendment becomes the law, anyone found guilty of cow slaughter will be sent to life imprisonment. It remains to be seen whether the amended law is challenged in a court for being violative of the fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution. That lies in the womb of the future. The Gujarat Chief Minister, Vijay Rupani, has said that he wants to make Gujarat a ‘vegetarian’ State.