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Amulya Ganguli

The Congress’s “existential crisis”, as one of the party’s voluble supporters, Jairam Ramesh, said recently, is over. If the party’s campaign in Gujarat (though not in Himachal Pradesh) is any indication, the 132-year-old party has regained its balance. It may not win in either state, but there is little doubt that it will give the BJP a run for its money, especially in Gujarat.

Sankar Ray

The first national parliamentary elections in Nepal in the post-royal era  connotes the most spectacular political transition from the bullet to the  ballot, fitted into a constitutional revolution from the world’s only Hindu state into a secular democratic polity.

The introduction of the Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance (FRDI) Bill in Parliament has raised a storm of protest and that for very cogent reasons. What the countless depositors in public sector banks are fearing is that the Government’s real intention is to appropriate the money deposited by the public in their savings bank or other accounts to neutralize the losses the banks have been made to suffer by the dishonest corporate Moghuls who took lakhs of crores of rupees from the banks as loans and never repaid them.