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K R Sudhaman

Economic Survey, presented to Parliament ahead of budget every year is seen as a report card of Government’s performance on the Indian economy. This year too it is no different but there is one change: its presentation and production have improved. As Economic Survey is prepared by economists, it is not taken very seriously while preparing the General Budget, which is made by politicians with the help of bureaucrats.

Amritananda Chakravorty Mihir Samson

The much awaited hearing on late CBI Judge Loya’s death witnessed unexpected drama last week. It was a keenly watched hearing, since this matter was supposed to be the trigger for the four senior most judges of the Supreme Court to call the press conference on 12th January, 2018 and inform the media that administration of justice was not in order in Supreme Court. Questions were being asked whether the matter should be heard by Chief Justice of India, since doubts were raised about his allocation of cases to ‘preferred benches’ by his brother judges.

All Naga political parties have decided to boycott the ensuing elections to the State Assembly on February 27.  The reason is that the Centre has not spelt out what it wants to do to settle the long-pending Naga political problem. The demand for poll boycott is so strong that even the BJP, which can, by no stretch of imagination, be called a ‘Naga’ political party, has been forced to join the boycott, much to the chagrin of, it seems, the party’s all-India leadership. The elections have been called by the Election Commission or the Centre.