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Port Blair

The Member of  Parliament, Mr Bishnu Pada Ray, has condoled the death of Mr Eswar Rao (72), retired Assistant Director of Panchayat, son of late Govind Rao, resident of South Point. He passed away on Thursday at GB Pant Hospital.

Barun Das Gupta

March 19 was a big day for the Indian Air Force as its heaviest transport aircraft, C-17 Globemaster, landed at Tuting Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) in Arunachal Pradesh, very close to the Chinese border. India has been upgrading the old and disused landing strips in Arunachal to ALGs for handling big aircraft as part of its larger programme of strengthening defences against China. Last year’s confrontation at Doklam ended after 72 days when China, for reasons of its own, decided not to further escalate the tension.

Sushil Kutty

All CBSE question papers should henceforth – like film Censor Board certificates, which carry no-smoking and no animals were used in the making of the film claims – carry the legend ‘This Q-paper was not leaked at any step of its making process.’ That requires a ‘foolproof’ system in place. As of now there is no such system. Or else the class XII Economics paper and class X Mathematics q-papers would not have been leaked, placing lakhs of students in the difficult situation of sitting for the two tests all over again.

The second part of the budget session of Parliament has been practically washed out because of a handful of law-makers. Lok Sabha is being adjourned day after day because two parties of the south are indulging in non-stop slogan shouting from the moment the House assembles. The Speaker says she cannot allow discussion on the No Confidence motion against the Government unless the slogan shouting stops and at least fifty members stand up in favour of the motion which has been admitted.