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O.P. Sabherwal

The 125th death anniversary of Karl Marx is at hand, recalling the words of Frederick Engels, “The greatest living thinker (has) ceased to think”. The critics may go wild, but the BBC forum listing the ‘greatest of the millennium’ at the turn of the century, conferred a similar epithet on Marx – “greatest thinker of the millennium”. The BBC’s Radio 4 listeners voted Marx as the “greatest philosopher of the millennium”.

The Karnataka Assembly election scene shows how the nature of poll campaigning has changed in the last decade or so. With the coming of the digital age, there is relentless battle of propaganda and counter-propaganda between the major contestants to influence public opinion. A new genre of propaganda is the totally false accusations, supported by false documents that target the rival party and its candidates. This has added a new phrase to the political lexicon: Fake News.