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G Srinivasan

For the Modi Government, the celebration of the four years of corruption-free governance with the receipt of the mixed message of the latest batch of by-polls to Lok Sabha and State Assemblies across the nation behind, the crucial final year of its first term is replete with existential challenges on the economic front.

Amulya Ganguli

As in London last April, Narendra Modi participated in a choreographed question-and-answer session in Singapore recently, where one of his responses was apparently to a pre-set query. The difference between the two events was that the BJP aficionado and censor board chief, Prasoon Joshi, managed to camouflage the pre-arranged nature of the show in London with much greater efficiency than what was done in Singapore.   

What was unthinkable even a couple of months ago has happened. The joint statement signed by President Donald Trump of the US and President Kim Jong-un, the “Supreme Leader” of North Korea, at the end of their historic summit meeting at Singapore, said that President Trump had “committed to provide security guarantees” to North Korea while Kim “reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”  The world has heaved a sigh of relief as both nuclear-power countries were talking of destroying each other.