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Nantoo Banerjee

Not many people in Bengal may have ever heard the name of a outfit called CPI-ML Red Star, not until it attacked a Power Grid Corporation’s (PGCIL) sub-station project, being built in co-operation with the West Bengal government, at fast developing Rajarhat in Kolkata’s outskirt. The central transmission utility had sought cooperation from all stakeholders for completion of the Rs. 800-crore Rajarhat sub-station project.

Aditya Aamir

Lynching is mob action. A ‘group of people’ lynch. So the term ‘mob lynching’ is an oxymoron. Lynching is mostly out in the open. In town and village square. In the Wild West of America it was stringing from the nearest tree. A couple or more people cook up a lie over a rumour spread like wildfire. And the falsely accused is killed by the group without trial. The choice of weapons is left to the moron: Scythe, machete, club and spear. The long rope!

The current India-Pakistan cold war has now degenerated into harassment of each other’s diplomats. Both New Delhi and Islamabad complain that their diplomats have been harassed by different State agencies. Diplomats are supposed to enjoy diplomatic immunity and are allowed free movement in each other’s country according to the Code of Conduct of 1992.