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Arun Srivastava

The Lok Sabha elections for 2019 in Bihar promise to be a significant political battle between the backward and upper castes. There is simmering discontent in all the caste groups, irrespective of their class character and economic profile that the coalition governments have failed to improve their conditions. While the backward castes and dalits with leaders like Nitish Kumar, Sushil Modi, Ram Vilas Paswan etc feel that all the benefits have been conned by the upper caste people, who, however, the opposite to be true.

Harihar Swarup

Sadly, the Central Bureau of Investigation, India’s premier investigative agency, has been described as “Comical Bureau”, “Bureau of Intrigues” and headlines in newspapers, reflecting internal tussle inside the CBI, screamed “CBI vs CBI”. Why this prestigious agency has come to such a pass? Possibly, its misuse by the political parties—Congress or the BJP— when in power, to meet their political ends. The agency has been losing its credibility.

President Donald Trump has received a set-back in the midterm elections to the Congress. While his Republican Party still has a majority in the upper house or Senate, the Democrats have captured the House of Representatives.  Like the general breed of politicians he has claimed victory. But that claim is fatuous. With their majority in the lower house the Democrats will now be able to thwart many of the policies being doggedly pursued by Trump. Both the Democrats and the President have threatened to start “inquiries” against each other.