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It may appear to be odd that India’s nearly 150-million 60-plus-year old population, generally politically active though not always quite vocal, is among the country’s most neglected by the society and the government. There is no worthwhile social security for the aged. A small section lives on their income from savings, a large part of which is routinely spent on doctors and medicines that come under no insurance cover. A still smaller section tries to live on their pensions. They are mostly retired public servants and teachers.

The spurt in organ transplantation in West Bengal in the last one year has kindled the hopes for survival of those patients suffering from terminal diseases. While in 2016 the number of organ donations was 5, it went down to 1 in 2017 but last year it went up to 15. And with sustained campaigning and interest growing in the general public about this life saving measure, one can easily hope that this will further increase in the coming years.