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Arun Srivastava

It is too premature to predict that Theresa May’s career is over. Nothing is impossible in the game of politics. The latest development has not come as surprise. Things followed the dotted line. May’s friends had warned of the disastrous effect on her moves, but she did not listen to their advice as she was firm that she would succeed in her mission.

The Union Government’s interim budget was placed by the acting Finance Minister Piyush Goel in Parliament on Friday. The most remarkable feature of this budget is that a series of tax exemptions and other sops have been announced, especially for the salaried middle class and farmers. These will reduce the revenue of the Government. But Goel has not – he could not have – indicated the sources from which these revenue losses will be made up for. He could not do it because that would have meant making tax proposals which he could not do.