ABBHYUDAY COMPLEX FERRARGUNJ: Serving the disadvantaged

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8 Nov 2018

It sears the conscience. This is an 80 year old speaking. "My children are well settled in their lives, but they abandoned me here when I was 75. When I came here a year, I could not even walk to the toilet without assistance. But, now I travel to nearby places with my friends here.” At a nearby compound lives Shilpi. "I want to become a doctor and am studying hard for that,” she says, but there is no sparkle in her eyes. She is an orphan.  But a devoted team of 31 employees of the Social Welfare Department posted at the Abbhyuday Complex at Ferrargunj believes that everyone deserves to be loved.  They work with the sole objective of serving the orphans, mentally and physically challenged, homeless children, and the elderly persons.
The Old Age Home at Abbhyuday Complex is presently home to around 20 elderly citizens deserted by their families. “I now have a routine and that gives me peace. The Centre provides us required facilities, treatment, care, laundry etc and all of us live like a new found family here. Services of Doctors and activities like yoga, games and everything to ensure a smooth living are all available here. The aspects of physical security, emotional space, medical coverage and isolation are taken care of,” said an inmate speaking to this Correspondent.
“The Abbhyuday Complex is presently well equipped with a number of facilities. Presently there are 18 children, 20 elderly citizens and 18 physically and mentally challenged persons at the Children’s Home, Old Age Home and Disabled Home of the Complex. All of them along with 31 of us live like a close knit family here. The Centre is also aptly supported by various charitable organizations, NGOs and defence establishments from time to time,” says Pradeep Kumar, In-Charge of Abbhyuday Complex.
“Non-veg meals are served six days a week, while complete vegetarian on one day. Special attention is given towards personal hygiene of all the inmates. During festive occasion, we provide new clothes and sweets to them and also take them for expeditions. For the mentally and physically challenged here, regular counselling sessions are organized involving expert Counsellors. Besides, medical treatment is also ensured for those requiring them at regular intervals.”
“For inmates at the Children’s Home, special focus is given on their education. We promote them to hone their skills in different fields so as to empower them lead successful lives in future. The Centre also offers leisure activities particularly different types of sports to the children. Special emphasis is laid of healthy food and supplements are also provided to them from time to time,” added Mr Pradeep.