Cattle pound in dire straits at Namunaghar

Villagers fume over cattle menace < Farmers fear loss of farm yields
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18 Sep 2018

Whether it is the agriculture field of farmers or eatable commodities kept in shops at remote Namunaghar village, cattle left to stray by owners on roads rush into the fields and destroy crops and eat away the eatables. A farmer can’t even rest for an hour for fear of losing his crop and shop keepers have to live in constant fear of their eatables kept for sale ending up in the animal stomach. Local residents of the village, after milking their cow leave them loose to roam freely in the village roads.
Stray cattle menace, which is considered as a big cause of concern in the city, has now become a serious headache for farmers, shop owners and residents in rural villages. These animals not only become the reasons for increasing road accidents, but their dung is left scattered all over the roads, posing a dirty picture of village roads. The sorry state of affairs of the cattle pounds in the remote villages, constructed after spending lakhs speak volumes of the official apathy on the part village Panchayat.
“The Namunaghar Panchayat in South Andaman has spent several lakhs to construct a cattle pound so that stray cattle, roaming freely in the village can be caught and impounded. Constructed some 8 years ago at a cost of over Rs 8 lakhs, initially the cattle pound was used for the very purpose it was built for, but gradually with passage of time and Panchayat losing interest on the issue, the cattle pound has been reduced to a waste dumping ground for villagers and for want of maintenance, the structure starting falling down. Wild grasses and bushes have grown all around the cattle pound as maintenance seems to have become the last priority of the concerned Panchayat. The Namunaghar Panchayat, after the construction of the cattle pound transported and dumped cattle impounded by the Panchayat in an isolated location, but this practice has now been stopped totally,” said an angry villager adding that scenes of stray cattle roaming freely on the village roads at Namunaghar Junction has become a common phenomenon.