Overhead water tank left to rot at Mithakhari

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10 Sep 2018

With many remote pockets in the South Andaman region facing water crisis at recurring intervals, the administration, using funds from the government treasury, constructed overhead water tanks in different parts of the district. But despite many overhead tanks installed in different areas of the region, some serve no purpose as they are left abandoned. One such glaring instance has been reported from Mithakhari in South Andaman where an overhead Water Tank of high installed more than 14 years ago has been left to rot by the authorities concerned. As per sources, the overhead water tank at Mithakhari was constructed back in 2004. The executing agency subsequently laid pipelines to facilitate supply of potable water to different areas in the region. However, for reasons best known to the authorities, the facility has not been put to use since then.
“Many households in this region suffer from shortage of water during peak summer. The installation of the overhead tank in 2004 came as a huge respite for villagers here. Sadly, nothing has happened since then. Despite laid down pipeline network and a water tank of huge capacity, the facility been put to no use by the authorities and left completely abandoned. The overhead tank now started cording at various parts. This is absolute misuse of public funds. The top brass of the administration should take a strong note and direct concerned agencies to take stock of the water tank installation at Mithakhari. Instructions should also be issued for proper utilisation of the facility for the benefit of the villagers,” demanded some residents of Mithakhari.