Patients rue over ‘powerless’ Tushnabad health centre

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11 Sep 2018

Erratic power supply at Primary Health Centre (PHC), Tushnabad is taking a toll on scores of villagers in the region. While the ongoing national highway works and lack of a generator facility has forced patients to suffer blackouts for at least six to seven hours a day, lack of basic facilities in the health centre is reportedly generating widespread resentment among people residing in the area. Tushnabad PHC provides health services to patients from around ten Panchayats in the South Andaman region. Around 150 to 200 patients avail OPD services of the Health Centre on a daily basis. But for recurring shortage of medicine stock, doctors ask patients to procure them from private pharmaceutical shops. Similarly, in the absence of a Labour Room, expecting mothers are examined and treated at the common medical ward of the health centre.
The Health Centre also lack adequate ambulances and requisition is sent to other hospital in case of emergency. “There were two ambulances here. But after one developed some technical snag, it was sent to GB Pant Hospital for necessary repairs,” said a hospital staff requesting anonymity. “Patients admitted at Primary Health Centre, Tushnabad are forced to reel under heavy dose of power-cuts daily due to the national highway works. Relatives of many patients in and around Tushnbad now prefer to take them to private hospitals. Patients come to this hospital to avail reasonable medical facility but all they do is to endure with unprecedented blackouts,” says Abdul Sattar, a Tushnabad. The hospital management has failed to bring into operation the generator facility, which has remained under repairs for the past more than two months. Sanitation remains far from ensured as sacks of pesticides, stray dogs can be found all around the hospital premises. Shortage of medicines, lack of labour room are among other deficiencies which people here have been suffering for the past few months, he added.