Sarwan Memorial School in Banarhat celebrates Annual Sports

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12 Dec 2013

Sarwan Memorial School of Banarhat today celebrated its Annual Sports at the Tarun Sangh ground. The function was conducted in the presence of Master Chef India’s second runner up Joseph Razario along with chairman of the school Jaichand Agarwal, Director of school Bidur Agarwal and Principal Akhil Kumar Singh Rana among others.


There were several events organised along with a drill and school parade.  Several events such as high jump, long jump, biscuit race and sack race among others were conducted.

The winning students were awarded prizes by Razario and other guests. Meanwhile, Rozario appreciated the enthusiasm of students and lauded them for their participation. Director Bidur Agarwal also emphasized on the importance of sports in the life of students along with academics.


EE: Participants during the Annual Sports on Thursday.

FF: Winning students being awarded by the guests in Banarhat on Thursday.

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