NHIDCL cargo truck overturns at Baratang

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21 Dec 2017

A cargo vehicle of the National Highway and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) overturned at a remote location in Baratang on Wednesday. The accident reportedly occurred when the driver of the vehicle heading towards Gandhi Ghat Jetty lost control over the vehicle while trying to negotiate bumpy stretches on the road. Though no one suffered major injuries in the mishap, construction materials loaded on the truck got destroyed in the incident.
Battered and pothole laden road network at Baratang in Middle Andaman has remained a perpetual source of fret for commuters and other residents in the islands. The pothole laden 30 km odd road from Nilambur to Gandhi Ghat jetty dissuades public transport services to commute on the stretch while private motor vehicle owners reel under colossal damage to their vehicles after negotiating through the scoured roads. The highway development authority, however, has started repair and maintenance of the road stretch.