Nobel Laureate Malala inspires girl students of Bhopal

Report by: 
L.S. Herdenia
28 Jul 2017

Pakistan's Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai, who was shot at by Taliban for daring to go to school, is now a role model for thousands of girls in Bhopal. A collage of photographs depicting Malala's struggle and success stories created by the Bhopal District Education Office (DEO) has been pinned on notice boards of all government girls' schools in the state capital.
This novel initiative has evoked a huge interest among girl students who not only want to be like Malala, but also want to represent the country at the international forum for promoting girl's school education.
Talking to media Nikeeta Dhoken (16), a class X student of Government Naveen Higher Secondary School, said: "Malala is a role model for us. I don't care if she belongs to Pakistan. I also don't care if people start hating me for loving her. I just want to give a clear message that her struggle for girls' rights is exceptional and inspiring. Our teachers should teach us about such role models". The collage has become a source of inspiration for the students who were very excited when they saw Malala's photo on the school notice board. "She is the girl who faced bullets for promoting education. Some Taliban guys had shot at her, but she survived," they said.
Arti Khushwaha, another student, said, "Malala's courage will continue to inspire us. She has become my role model because she dared to fight against injustice." Another student Aarti Patel said, "I want to be like Malala, She has taught us how to deal with adversity and become successful."
Principal of government Naveen Higher Secondary school Archina Sharma is also euphoric after she got orders from the higher authorities to teach students about Malala. "Malala is an idol, a fighter who faced extremism just for her education." Bhopal DEO Dharmendra Kumar Sharma believes that the girl who braved 'terrorism' can be a perfect brand ambassador for the promotion of girl education. "When we talk about Malala, one should forget the barriers between India and Pakistan. The brave girl has done something which is beyond boundaries and which cannot be ignored," Sharma said. He said that Malala is a role model who can help students develop courage, prudence and a sense of justice. Pakistan's leading Human Rights activist Ansar Burney said over the phone that "people of Pakistan and India are one family living in two nations".
"Such initiatives can bring peace and love to both nations. We, in Pakistan, have also taken similar steps toward peace but then comes the murky politics that hinders everything," Burney said. (IPA)