BJP is sabotaging the Constitution - Forward Bloc

10 Aug 2017

The Forward Bloc today stepped up attack on the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre accusing it of sabotaging the Constitution and basic principles as it has little faith in democracy.
"The Narendra Modi-led government is simply sabotaging the Constitution of India by negating its basic principles," Fiorward Bloc National Secretary G Devarajan said at a 3-day national workshop of the party on its second day here.
As per the Preamble of the Constitution "we are committed to build a sovereign, secular, socialist and democratic republic, but Modi government is subjugating sovereignty by accepting the dictats of external forces in the name of bilateral agreements such as Logistic Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) with the US," he alleged.
"The minorities and dalits are living under severe fear psychosis due to violent attacks in the name of religion and the food habits of the people. By doing so, the government is destroying the country's secular values," claimed Devarajan.
By privatising the national assets and disinvesting the public sector units, the NDA government is diluting the principles of socialism, the Forward Bloc leader said.
Accusing Modi government of bypassing Parliament, encouraging horse-trading of elected representatives, misusing the power of Governors and adopting unilateral amendments to the existing laws, Devarajan claimed all these proved that the BJP-led NDA government had no faith in democracy.
Devarajan further opined that it was the duty of the democracy loving people to raise voice against these autocratic approaches, for which the unity of left democratic and secular unity had become the need of the hour.
The Forward Bloc will leave no stone unturned to build up such platform, he said.
Raghav Saran Sharma, noted historian said the Quit India movement was originally launched by Subhash Chandra Bose in 1940 while conducting the Anti-Compromise Conference at Ramghar, Bihar. The three-day meet, which commenced yesterday, is scheduled to conclude tomorrow. (PTI)