Khurda Road Division eliminates all unmanned level crossings

3 Apr 2018

To enhance the safety of rail and road users, the Khurda Road Division of East Coast Railway (ECoR) has eliminated all Unmanned Level Crossing Gates (UMLCs) much before the target period. An ECoR official said the elimination of the UMLCs by March 2018 would go a long way in saving human lives from train accidents, the official said.
The Khurda Road Railway Division has eliminated 297 unmanned level crossings during the last four years from April 2014 to March, 2018. Out of these, 43 UMLCs were closed and 189 UMLCs were manned, the official said. Similarly, Road under Bridges (RUBs) or limited height sub-ways (LHSs) were provided at 38 places and diversion at 27 points, he said.
The Ministry of Railways has set a target to eliminate all the unmanned level crossing gates before 2020. On April 1, 2017, Khurda Road Division had 19 UMLCs under its jurisdiction, he said.

From August 2014 onwards the Khurda Road Division has deployed Gate Mitras/Gate Counselors at 74 vulnerable and sensitive level crossing gates to prevent accidents and alert commuters about the approaching trains. (PTI)