Mamata calls for shutting down arms, bomb making units in Birbhum

Report by: 
Durgadas Bandopadhyay
22 May 2017

In a stern message to miscreants in the district Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today asked the police in Birbhum to shut down all arms and bomb manufacturing units to curb growing crimes in the district.
She gave the directive during an administrative meeting at the Geetanjali auditorium at Bolpur. "Shut down all bomb factories, recover all illegal arms. We will not allow anybody to create trouble forcibly," she told the SP N. Sudheer Kumar who was present at the meeting.
"No hooliganism or threat with arms and swords will be allowed. The ruling party in Delhi is bringing arms from Munger in Bihar to create unrest here. People are taking out processions wielding swords and spears. This will not be tolerated," Mamata told the meeting.
Warning against factionalism in her party, Banerjee cautioned Kajal Sheikh, brother of Ketugram MLA Sheikh Swanaz, and rival of district TMC president Anubrata Mondal.
``You people are creating unrest in the district. Stop this factional war,'' Mamata told the MLA.
"No terror activities will be tolerated any more," Banerjee cautioned with a directive to police to take prompt action against such activities.
In the meeting she highly appreciated the Birbhum district administration for executing various development and welfare programmes.
Apart from government officials, a group of students from Visva Bharati were present in the administrative meeting.
During the meeting while she inaugurated 55 new projects she also asked the district officials to take up new programmes for the development of the district.
Answering to a question by a student on the progress of Nobel-theft investigation, Banerjee said, "The CBI started the investigation, but they said later that they had closed it. We asked them for sending details of the investigation and documents to us. Unless they hand over the case, we cannot proceed. However, an investigation is going on."