Einstein's letter may fetch over $15k at auction

3 Aug 2017

A letter written by renowned German physicist Albert Einstein in 1919, concerning the arrangement of divorce to his wife and the education of his children, is expected to fetch over USD 15,000 at an auction. The noble award winner signed the two-sided letter dated December 5, 1919 as "Albert" on one side and "Papa" on the other. In beginning of the letter, Einstein talks about the arrangement of divorce to his wife Mileva Maric and the eduction of his son Hans Albert. "It seems that we are condemned to a kind of gypsy-life. Under the present circumstances I can understand you very well... I also prefer, of course, that Albert will not have to change schools. Completing school as soon as possible is not a good enough reason," he wrote. On the reverse side Einstein pens a letter, signed "Papa," to his sons Hans and Eduard about their education, reminiscing about his own education, referring to his teachers Adolf Hurwitz and Ernst Amberg.
"I am pleased that you are taking lessons from Amberg. He is a very sympathetic man...He was an assistant to Hurwitz when I was a fledgling student; at that time I was tested by him in the Repetitozimmer. He was then quite young. Seiler was also an assistant in the Physics building when I was a student. I liked him less," Einstein wrote. "This is an exceptional handwritten letter offering details related to both Einstein's personal family life and his scientific legacy," said RR Auction house. The letter measures 9 x 11 inches and is in good condition. The online auction bidding will end on August 9. (PTI)