Choppy seas delay berthing of MV Swaraj Dweep, breakwater suffers damages

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27 Jul 2018

It was a gruelling time for passengers on board when MV Swaraj Dweep had to wait for around 10 hours to berth at the jetty here due to choppy seas and stormy weather conditions. While, incessant rains and gusty winds were lashing the Great Nicobar region, MV Swaraj Dweep with 600 passengers and around 82 tonnes of cargo arrived Campbell Bay at around 7 am this morning. The Master of the vessel, however, had a tough time berthing the vessel at the jetty due to mammoth waves triggered by stormy winds. The vessel was anchored safely at a distance from the jetty and could berth at around 3 pm today.
After berthing, passengers disembarked from the vessel and unloading of cargo began at the jetty. The vessel will set sail for Port Blair with around 150 passengers after weather conditions improve in the region, as per reports. Meanwhile, the breakwater at Campbell bay suffered damages due to the stormy conditions. Many parts of the crucial breakwater reportedly crumbled down dealing with the mammoth waves following the inclement weather, according to reports. Huge stones and tetrapods installed at the breakwater reportedly dislocated due to the tall waves. ALHW officials later took stock of the damages caused to the breakwater and deployed heavy machines to repair the damages. “We had to wait for several hours to disembark due to the inclement weather and swelling seas at Campbell Bay. The Master of the vessel despite his best efforts couldn’t berth the vessel. However, the vessel berthed safety at 3 pm after which the passengers were allowed to disembark from the vessel,” said some passengers.