Commuters berate ageing STS fleet at C/Bay

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27 Apr 2017

An ageing fleet of STS buses is taking a toll on residents of the Great Nicobar Island. According to reports, seven to eight buses of the STS fleet here have remained under repairs for the past several weeks leaving just 2-3 vehicles in operation catering to a sizeable population in the region. Lack of  spares parts and complete apathy of the top officials of the Transport Department, commuters in this remote territory are reeling under routine breakdown of buses and a massive resentment is brewing in the region.
“Breakdown of STS buses here has become a common phenomenon. In the event of a breakdown, commuters are left to wait for hours in the middle of the journey for the replacement bus to arrive. Around 80 percent of the STS fleet here has been left defunct owing to official indifference and commuters are forced to face hardships on the daily basis here. The Transport Department should take immediate stock of the fleet and replace old and redundant fleet of buses with new ones to ensure welfare of the villagers here,” said some commuters.