Deficient ATM services draws flak for Cooperative Bank

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21 Apr 2017

Deficient services of the lone ATM (Automated Teller Machine) facility installed by the Andaman and Nicobar State Cooperative Bank (ANSCB) at remote Campbell Bay is taking a toll on villagers of Great Nicobar. According to reports, the Bank’s ATM dispenses cash for only a few hours in the evening while huge numbers of customers in the region are forced to endure with serpentine queues at the bank to cash from the withdrawal counters. Sources even claim that the management of the A & N State Cooperative Bank has not re-calibrated the ATM post-demonetization as a result of which the machine dispenses notes of Rs 2000/- and Rs 100/- denomination only.
“The lone ATM of Cooperative Bank is dispensing more agony than cash in this region. Residents of several villagers here are having a harrowing time due to the deficiency in the service. The ATM machine always runs short of cash and works for just around four hours in the evening and remains defunct the entire day. Delay in re-calibration is also causing hardships as Rs 500/- notes are not made available to the customers. The senior management of the Bank should take immediate stock of the situation and order remedial measures for the benefit of the remote population here,” said some residents of Jetty bazaar area.