Green vegetables vanish from C/Bay markets

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18 Dec 2017

Vegetable shoppers during this part of the year go to the markets thinking of fresh and plentiful supplies of tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower and other green leafy vegetables that one don’t really manage to get during summers. Abundance of the availability of these vegetables gives shoppers comfort of paying less than in summer. But, the situation has turned different for residents of Campbell Bay in Great Nicobar. While most varieties of green leafy vegetables have almost exhausted from the markets here, those available are being sold at not less that Rs 100/- per kilo. Recurring shortage of essential commodities has again triggered unrest among the residents here.
“Not a single variety of green vegetables is available at less than Rs 100/-. While favourite varieties have exhausted from the markets here, available ones like ladyfinger and cowpeas are sold at more than Rs 100/- per kilo. Despite assurances from the administration, markets here continue to run short of essential commodities and people are forced to spend extra to purchase these items.  Such difficult circumstances deter us from serving in remote islands. Campbell Bay is probably the region which suffers the most due to frequent shortage of fuel crisis. The local administration should initiate necessary steps to provide respite to the remote residents from the recurring problem,” lament some residents.