Marine turtles begin nesting at Great Nicobar beaches

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4 Dec 2018

With the start of the Nesting Season, sea turtles have started visiting various beaches in Great Nicobar region. As per reports, turtle nesting has been noticed at beaches in Campbell Bay, Joginder Nagar, Shashtri Nagar, Beach Galathia etc and the forest department is taking all possible steps to ensure safe nesting.
“The Wildlife Division here is taking all initiative to provide full protection to the marine turtles by deploying departmental staffs & labours round the clock. More than 200 nesting has been reported from different beaches here in the past few days. Apart from the protected areas, beaches outside protected areas prone to turtle nesting is also being managed and protected by the forest team. Mainly the Olive Ridley and Green Sea turtles are known to have frequently visited these nesting sites,” said a resident of Shashtri Nagar.