Newly inaugurated Fuel Station at Campbell Bay goes inoperative

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26 Feb 2018

Motorists in the Great Nicobar region are likely to suffer fuel crisis in the coming days after the newly inaugurated Fuel Station at Campbell Bay shut operations on Monday. According to reports, the retail fuel vending outlet  set up by Indian Oil Corporation ceased operations after leakage from the pipeline network and faulty meter readings came to the notice of the management. The other retail fuel unit of ANIIDCO, however, is catering to the requirements of the populace and efforts are being made to ensure minimum inconvenience to the people.
“Petrol was found leaking from the pipelines installed in the Fuel Station here. Several complaints were registered by the general public with the management of the station. Moreover, people also found flaws in the meter readings at the Fuel Station. Taking note of the complaints, the management took a decision to shut down operations till rectification of the faults. It’s however shocking that a newly inaugurated Fuel Station developed snags in less than three months of commissioning. Hopefully, IOC will take appropriate steps to rectify the faults at the earliest,” said some Jetty bazaar residents. On January  5 this year, the Chief Secretary, A&N Administration inaugurated the Southern-most petrol pump of the country at Campbell Bay