Residents block road after fuel stock exhausts at Campbell Bay

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31 May 2018

Commuters as well as motorists in Campbell Bay are once again in the throes of bother as fuel stocks at ANIIDCO outlet exhausted on Thursday. Incensed residents held a road blockade near the old office of the Assistant Commissioner of the region as the authorities did not bother to  inform about the status of fuel stock leaving them literally stranded.  As per reports, residents from different parts of the Great Nicobar region started assembling at the petrol pump from early hours after fuel supply was stopped. The agitated residents demanded issue of at least one liter of fuel to every vehicle and appropriate steps for replenishment of stock. The blockade was called off after assurance from the Assistant Commissioner to issue one liter of petrol and replenishment of fuel at the ANIIDCO soon.
“Campbell Bay is probably the only region which suffers the most due to frequent shortage of fuel . We should have been at least informed about the stock of fuel at the outlet so that we could have refilled our vehicles earlier. But suddenly, the ANIIDCO outlet here stopped dispensing fuel yesterday. Hundreds of vehicle owners remained queued up at the fuel station after which it is decided to hold a road blockade to press for our genuine demands. Other concerns like irregular supply of cooking gas, recurring shortage of essential commodities were also raised during the protest. The agitation was called off after fuel supply was resumed and people assured of replenishment at the earliest,” said some residents of Campbell Bay.