Shortage of essential commodities triggers unrest in Campbell Bay

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21 Feb 2017

The apathetic approach of the administration towards ensuring proper stock of essential commodities has triggered unrest among the residents of Campbell Bay yet again. According to reports, stock of commodities like LPG refills, fuel has exhausted and the crisis has started taking toll on the lives of scores of residents besides government officials posted in the region.
“Shortage of essential commodities continues to remain the major cause of concern for the residents of remote Campbell Bay. The Shipping Department has never initiated steps to streamline the services of passengers and cargo vessels for this remote island. Markets here always run short of essential commodities and people are forced to spend extra money to purchase these items. Such difficult circumstances deter us from serving in remote islands,” said a government official posted here.
“LPG refills have not been supplied for the past 45 days and households have started using firewood to keep their kitchen fire burning. Even petrol and diesel have started to dry up from petrol pump here. Campbell Bay is probably the region which suffers the most due to frequent shortage of fuel. Shortage of diesel has also set off unrelenting power-cuts here for the past few days. Telecom services also remain erratic due to the power-cuts in the region. The local administration should initiate necessary steps to provide respite to the remote residents from the recurring problems,” said some residents of Jetty bazaar.