Syndicate Bank to resume ATM services at Great Nicobar soon

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15 Apr 2018

In a big relief for customers, Syndicate Bank branch operating in the southern most part of the country has initiated steps to resume services of its Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in the region. According to reports, necessary official procedures are underway for installation and commissioning of a new ATM in the branch and respite is expected for the remote residents within the next six months.
Syndicate Bank commissioned its first ATM facility at Campbell Bay in the year 2014. The initiative brought huge relief for a population of about 18000 in the Great Nicobar Island having 3 panchayats, over 250 commercial establishments, besides administration and central government officials. However, recurring shortage of cash in the facility soon started inviting criticism for the bank management. Some months ago, the ATM services were completely stopped after some corruption in the process of restocking cash in the ATM came to light.
“After launch of the Syndicate Bank ATM, the facility was expected to reprieve people from the long queues at the Bank counters and help round the clock availability of cash. However within months, the ATM failed to cater to the needs of the citizens. The ATM remained cash-strapped round the month and people are forced to wait in long queues to withdraw cash. Presently, only one ATM facility is available at Campbell Bay run by the Andaman and Nicobar State Cooperative Bank. However, the Cooperative Bank ATM too runs out of cash most of the time and has added to the miseries of the bank customers and ATM users here,” said some residents of Jetty Bazar area.
When contacted, the Branch Manager of Syndicate Bank branch, Campbell Bay said that the senior management of the Bank is apprised of the situation and steps are being taken to resume ATM services in this region. “Tenders for procurement, installation, calibration and commissioning of ATM has been floated by the corporate body and ATM services are likely to resume at Campbell Bay in the next six months.”