Tainted APWD JE becomes blue-eyed boy of top bosses

2 Dec 2018

The holy mantra-hard work, dedication, persistence are essentials for achieving success in the government jobs seems still relevance. Some people get it easy, others have to struggle for it! But for a Junior Engineer of the Andaman Public Works Department (APWD) posted in Campbell Bay, the first category works for him. Despite some serious allegations of corruption leveled against him, this tainted JE of APWD has become the darling boy of his superiors. His top bosses are so mesmerized with his ability to make them happy that every single civil work is falling in his kitty, right from the beautification of Campbell Bay jetty area, road-widening works or construction of filter bed at Govind Nagar. He selects contractors on his terms in lieu of hefty commission.
This Junior Engineer, who was earlier working as a site Engineer for a private Contractor was booked under a CBI Case No.  RC 05/A/2016, for using sub-standard construction materials, resulting in the collapse of a retaining wall at Campbell Bay. The case is still pending adjudication before the Court of Law. But luck favoured him and he was appointed as Junior Engineer in APWD in 2011. True to the saying that it is difficult to change the habits, he was caught red-handed by Assistant Engineer, APWD for selling about 100 bags of Cement to a private Contractor illegally. However, the Lady AE could not do much due to his connection with the higher ups and the matter was brushed under the carpet. For the open corruption, he was punished just by posting in the Drawing Section that also only for a period of only six months. Sources revealed that an engineer working in APWD has a fixed cut in getting proposals sanctioned. To get their files cleared, contractors and agents pay huge amounts under the table.
The non-initiation of action by the top bosses of APWD made this JE fearless and he openly dared the authority-“touch me if you can”. Site inspections and checking the quality of work which is his onerous responsibility  are hardly given importance by this  Junior Engineer, but for him the commission paid to him by the Contractor matters the most and rest comes last. According to sources, this Junior Engineer, along with some of his Senior Officers had been compromising with the quality of works in lieu of hefty commission. Submission of fake bills, tampering of evidence, issuing water connection to encroachers and back door slipping away construction materials are his main source of making quick and fast money.
The residents of Campbell Bay are elated that the Campbell Bay APWD Construction Division has started a slew of construction works, including beautification of Campbell Bay Bazaar areas from Low Point to the Jetty for a length of 915 mtrs and widening of the road from jetty to Low Point. But at the same time, a good section of the citizens feels that a proper check is required as the tainted JE has earned a bad reputation. (EOIC)