Tomato prices on fire, potatoes vanish from C/Bay markets

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3 Aug 2017

The family of Harjit Singh have been having sambhar and rasam without tomatoes for the past few days, his wife blames soaring prices of tomatoes in the local market for the deficiency. In the past week, tomato prices have skyrocketed leaving consumers of Campbell Bay in a fix. While there is no clarity on what has caused the price rise, many feel that hoarders have jacked up the prices as the anticipate delay in arrival of cargo vessels containing essential commodities and vegetables. According to reports, even stock of potatoes, another crucial component for many a daily diet, has exhausted from the markets here.
According to reports, the prices of tomatoes have touched to Rs 140 to Rs 150/- per kilo in the retail market here. The rates vary from one retailer to another indicating some serious anomalies for the absence of a price control mechanism by the district administration. While, prices of other vegetable items too are on the higher side, potatoes have completely vanished from the local market.
“Campbell Bay continues to remain the main victim of official apathy in the entire territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The common man here is forced to burn holes in their wallets due to such sharp rise of tomatoes. We are forced to cut down other expenses to purchase tomatoes, which is one major ingredient in Indian cuisine. Vendors are making hay out because of delay in arrival of cargo vessels with essential commodities and vegetables,” said a homemaker of Jetty bazaar area.
“Amid sky-rocketing prices of tomatoes, potatoes have also exhausted from the retail market here. But the administration probably cares two hoots to place some measures to put a check on such inflated prices for the benefit of the common man. The Civil Supplies Department should mull over some mechanism to regulate the prices of various varieties of vegetables in the local retail market,” said another resident of Laxmi Nagar.