Traders’ bandh cripples normal life in Campbell Bay

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8 Jun 2018

Normal lives came to a standstill after traders in the Great Nicobar region called a bandh on Thursday to protest against recurring shortage of essential commodities.  The impact of the strike was seen across region as shoppers who had come to the markets ended up having to return empty handed as they were caught unaware about the strike. The agitators, among other issues, are demanding allocation of atleast 50 ton cargo containing essential commodities in vessels bound for Campbell Bay and Karmotra. 
“The Great Nicobar region has been suffering apathy of the administration for the past several years. The remote residents here are deprived of even the basic amenities. Recurring shortage of essential items like ration, vegetables, fuel etc has been long taking a toll on the residents here. Despite pleas to the authorities, there has been no productive efforts to ensure basic facilities for the people here. Left with no other option, we’re forced to stage the bandh to press for the demands. A letter has also been submitted to the Shipping Department regarding our grievances and the agitation will continue till our demands are met,” said a shopkeeper.