Veggies vanish from markets in Campbell Bay

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24 Jul 2018

With the last cargo consignment unloaded on the 15th of this month, households in Great Nicobar are a harried lot as essential commodities have gone missing from the local markets here. As per reports, almost all common varieties of vegetables are not available in the market and enthusiastic shoppers are forced return homes depressed. As per reports, a passenger vessel delivered essential commodities at Campbell Bay on 15 July. However, within days the commodities exhausted from the local markets. For the past more than a week, vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage and eggs are not available in any of the retail markets at Great Nicobar and shopkeepers are trading losses for shortage.  
“I was shocked to find potatoes missing from the local market. It forms part of the daily diet of my family,” said a Jetty Bazar resident. “There is serious resentment among many families here vital vegetables are not available in the market. There is always irregularity in supply of essential components to this remote island - be it LPG refills, vegetables or anything else. The administration should find out a concrete solution to the problem,” he added.