Vivek Rae led NITI Aayog Committee visits Great Nicobar

Undertakes aerial survey < Ongoing projects reviewed Islanders to be made stakeholders in development of Great Nicobars, assures Rae
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14 Sep 2018

The Committee constituted by NITI AAYOG for holistic development Little Andaman and Great Nicobar Islands headed by Mr Vivek Rae, Chairman, along with Mr Govind Mohan, Joint Secretary (UT), Mr Jitendra Kumar, Advisor, NITI Aayog, Mr Udit Prakash Rai, Deputy Commissioner of South Andaman and Mr SA Awaradi, member undertook an aerial survey of Great Nicobar Islands on Friday. The team, later, held discussions on land use plan, development projects, review of infrastructure facility including availability of Port, Jetty, Water, Power, Health, Education, Road, Fisheries and Agriculture with Heads of various Departments.
The Heads of different Departments presented status of various projects as also future plans and constraints faced in executing developmental projects in the region. The Committee took note of the issues and discussed threadbare plans for holistic development of these islands. The Deputy Commissioner briefed about the purpose of the Committee’s visit after which the Committee inspected ongoing projects viz. extension of airport, North-South & East-West roads, South Bay (Galathia) and other project sites.
Later in the afternoon, the Chairperson and other members of the Committee held detailed discussions with the Pramukh, PRI members, Pradhans, Zilla Parishad members, Heads of local departments, senior citizens and invited their views for development of Great Nicobar. PRI members suggested extension of airport, improvement in transport services, education, communication, tourism, road network, agriculture and putting a mechanism in place to stop migrating to other places in search of education and employment. The Chairman assured that the suggestions will be closely examined before finalizing the roadmap for development and islanders would be made stakeholders in development of Great Nicobars.