CLW celebrates International Nurses Day

12 May 2017

International Nurses Day was celebrated at Kasurba Gandhi Hospital, Chittaranjan  Locomotive Works (CLW) today by the staff nurses of K G Hospital. V P Pathak, general manager of CLW inaugurated the function as chief guest.
Dr A Majumdar, chief medical officer of K G Hospital, senior officers of CLW and members of CLW Women Welfare Organisation (CLW-WWO) were also present during the occasion along with doctors of K G Hospital. International Nurses Day was celebrated to mark the 197th Birth   Anniversary of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Nurses  of  K G Hospital  renewed their oath of  service  to  mankind  by  lighting the  candles.
A demonstration was also organised by the staff nurses on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) with slide show.  An X-Ray machine was also inaugurated by the GM inside the hospital premises today. Speaking  on  the  occasion,  Pathak appreciated the efforts of  nurses of  the hospital  for  their   service to the mankind  and  in  appreciation  to   that  he  announced  a  group cash  award  of  Rs 20,000-00  to the staff  nurses headed by Manjula Majumdar, assistant nursing officer of  K G Hospital. (EOIC)