CLW GM inaugurates wind mill

28 May 2018

A pilot project for harnessing the non conventional wind energy has been taken up by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works(CLW), in that two wind mills for  generating  electrical energy  was planned at Hill Top in Chittaranjan . In this project two wind power generators of 1.8 KW capacity were installed, and inaugurated on May 28 by V. P. Pathak, General Manager (GM), CLW and Dr Rekha Pathak, president, CLWWWO. Other CLWWWO members and senior officers of CLW were also present at Hill Top on this occasion.
Prior to it, a “Walk for renewable Energy” to educate and to develop awareness amongst the CLW residents was organised. Headed by V. P. Pathak, senior officers and the members of their family took part in the walk from Chittaranjan Club to Hill Top.
General Manager has appreciated the efforts of Central power house and hoped for further harnessing of other non-conventional energy sources for reducing the carbon footprints and thereby saving the environment. (EOIC)