CLW starts celebrating Swachchta Pakhwara

16 Aug 2017

As per the direction received from Railway Board, Swachchta Pakhwara will be organised at various locations in CLW premises till August 31.
The observance started today with CLW general manager V P Pathak reading out the ‘Swachchata Pledge’ to the senior officers, senior officers, supervisors, staff and safai karmacharis in the administrative office premises. The Swachchta Awareness was also organised today at the steel foundry, works office premises by reading the Swachchta pledge by the staff and safai karmacharis.
Prabhat Pheri and Nukkad Natak on Swachch Rail- Swachch Bharat theme were also organised by Bharat Scout & Guides/ Chittaranjan unit, Civil Defence volunteers and Students of CLW Railway schools in the Railway township and different railway schools in the morning of 16th Aug. Week long Pakhwara will also be organised under Swachch Sambad on August 17 & 18.