CLW successfully converts diesel locomotive into electric locomotive

6 Mar 2018

Indian Railways have planned for rapidly increasing the electrification of existing railway lines for movement of freight and passenger traffic. This will also boost the railways economy and revenue as newly designed electric locomotives are eco-friendly, energy efficient and regenerative types. Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) situated in West Bengal under Ministry of Railways is producing high horse power (6000 HP) electric locomotives of international repute. While Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) situated at Varanasi is producing diesel locomotives for Indian Railways, non railway customers and export market. Ministry of Railways has decided that from this financial year DLW will only produce Electric locomotives for Indian Railways.
In this endeavour CLW was advised by the ministry of railways to assist DLW in starting manufacture of Electric locomotives. So far, CLW had assisted DLW to manufacture 2 electric locomotives in 2016-17 and another 25 electric locomotives in this financial year. It has contributed to Indian Railways towards running efficient and eco-friendly electric locomotives over electrified routes.
As a part of complete switchover from diesel traction to electric traction, it became necessary to evolve ways and means to convert existing diesel traction resources into Electric ones. Under direction from Member Traction, Railway Board, CLW was associated along with RDSO and DLW to convert one     WDG 3A loco and make it an Electric locomotive.
CLW thus added yet another feather on its crown by participating pivotal role in modifying one diesel locomotives WDG3 into electric locomotives titled    WAGC3-001. The successful final trial run of this converted electric locomotive with enhance power from 2600HP to 5000HP was conducted recently at Varanasi. CLW team along with men and materials supported DLW in producing the first ever converted loco. Railway Board had decided to convert 4 such locos in first phase. Two such units can be coupled together to produce 10000HP power for use on heavy loaded trains. V. P. Pathak, General Manager had appreciated the efforts of CLW officers, engineers and staff for this splendid work. This has been in line with the corporate image and brand value enjoyed by CLW. (EOIC)