Vendors meet held in CLW

11 Sep 2017

A vendors Meet was organized by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) to discuss about the enhanced requirement of electric locomotives and procurement of items through trade through e-procurement in the Chittaranjan Club premises on 11th November 2017. About 134 Vendors from all over the country including Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (NSIC), official from BHEL, ABB, CGL & NBC have participated in the Meet. Srikant Rai, Principal Chief Materials Manager; Rajnish Arora, Chief Mechanical Engineer; A.K. Singhal, Chief Electrical Engineer; Ravij Seth, Principal Financial Advisor; Hradai Narain, Financial Advisor(P); Ashok Kumar, Chief Vigilance Officer; along with other Principal Heads of Departments of CLW attended this meet. P.N. Pandey, Chief Materials Manager spoke about the purchase procedure, e-procurement system and expectation from industries and vendors. M.K. Gupta, CEE/D&D spoke about vendor development procedures.  In the last there was an open house question-answer session wherein vendors interacted with the officials and got their queries clarified.
The Meet was concluded with the address of Srikant Rai, Principal Chief Materials Manager who talked about the various Government measure taken to encourage the Industries and new Entrepreneur and wished that such Meets will be much beneficial both for Industries as well as CLW to augment the capacity and quality. He also expressed pleasure about the massive participation from various industries for the Meet and hoped that such interaction will help more vendors to participate in procurement process of  CLW. (EOIC)