Ashok Bhattacharya concerned for the worsening situation of hills

1 Aug 2017

Siliguri Mayor and CPM veteran Ashok Bhattacharya have asked the state and the central governments to resolve the situation of hills with an immediate effect.
Addressing the media during a press conference on Tuesday at Siliguri Bhattacharya said, “We are very worried about the situation in the hills. A detailed discussion must be called for it at the earliest. In the end, Darjeeling has to suffer the loss for whatever is happening there. Violence and arson have taken over the hills. People are dying, bullets are being fired but the state and central government are not paying attention to the hills’ issue. How many more will have to die? How many more bullets will be fired? The state and central government must meet with the protesters and discuss the issues,”
When asked about the chief minister’s visit to New Delhi, Bhattacharya said, “Chief Minister met the Prime Minister and the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh but did not discuss about calling a tripartite meeting.” (EOIC)