Mystery death of KLO chief Jibon Singh's wife Bharati in Siliguri

1 Aug 2017

The mysterious death of KLO women’s Chief Bharati Singha (Das) who also was wife of KLO chief Jibon Singha alias Timir Das has made the intelligence report failure about her hideout in Mynamar.
Bharati was declared brought dead on Sunday night when her body suddenly reached the emergency ward of North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH).
According to the source who informed police that a Nepal number registered ambulance dropped Bharati and her two daughters at NBMCH.
Doctors examining her were unaware about her identity but later when she was declared dead they felt something amiss when they asked information from the children. Later hospital authorities called police.
When police asked two daughters Tithi and Preeti who were fluent in English and Nepali could not provide the any information, they just talked about their aunt Sumitra Singha (younger sister of Jibon) and provide her phone number.
Police then informed Sumitra over telephone who rushed to NBMCH on Monday along with former KLO leaders Tom Adhikary, Dhananjoy, Milton and others.
When asked to Sumitra about Jibon’s whereabouts she replied, “I met him in the year 2009 since then I have no contact. I have no idea about his whereabouts and anything of death of Bharati.”
Forty-two years old Bharati was believed by the police that she was hiding with her husband Jiban at Myanamar.
The dead body has been handed over to the surrendered to KLO leaders and family members. The dead body was then taken to Haldaibari in Jalpaiguri district.
The two daughters were taken by the police and presently kept at a home run by Child In Need Institute (CINI) in Siliguri.
Jibon along with her wife Bharati were in a lookout list since early 2000 on charges of anti-India activities.
Matigara police informed that investigation have started to trace out the vehicle that dropped Bharati to NBMCH, they were also trying to collect information through the daughters of Jibon. (EOIC)