Daribhit school reopens, but stir continues

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10 Nov 2018

The administration eventually succeeded in re-opening Daribhit high school after 50 days today after assuring the parents of deceased students and villagers that their demands would be sympathetically looked into.
Incidentally it was recently resolved in an all-party meeting  that the school that was closed since September 21 following death of Rajesh Sarkar and Tapas Barman in a clash between students and teachers on September 20 over recruitment of two teachers, would be re-opened in the interest of students.
Manish Mishra, sub divisional officer of Islampur, Shatadal Dutta, BDO, Islampur and other officials reached the school gate on time. Islampur MLA and civic body chief Kanhaiya Lal Agarwal and leaders of all political parties arrived at the school too.
But before opening the school, the guardians of deceased students and villagers turned hostile again and demanded that the district magistrate Arvind Meena would have to turn up and promise a CBI probe into death of students.
They further demanded release of villagers who were detained after the Daribhit incident.
Although the DM did not come, Mishra and Dutta held meeting with the agitators for several rounds.
Finally, they agreed to let the school re-open when the SDO accepted a written memorandum from them.
Nilkamal Sarkar, father of Rajesh Sarkar said, “We want that students should not be deprived. But we are still determined about CBI probe and release of innocent villagers. If the demands are not considered, we would block the school again from November 14.”