Paying no heed to promise of impartial probe by TMC minister, Daribhit residents demand CBI probe from BJP delegation

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23 Sep 2018

A delegation of Trinamool Congress led by minister of state (MOS) of panchayet & rural development department Golam Rabbani and Islampur MLA Kanhaiyalal Agarwal did not receive a warm reception when they visited here this morning, 72 hours after killing of two students. Although the MOS assured an impartial probe into the killing of students, the infuriated villagers made it clear to him that they would not accept anything less than a CBI probe.
Rabbani and Agarwal along with local Trinamool leaders were probably ready to face the fury of the people. Without losing patience the minister spoke to the parents of Rajesh Sarkar, 27 and Tapas Barman, 19, who were killed in firing by the yet to be identified gunners.
“District inspector of schools – secondary education has already been suspended. Headmaster of the school and some other teachers who carried away the recruitment of teachers allegedly paying no heed to the students’ demand would be arrested, if found guilty,” Rabbani said.
However, realizing that such steps are not what the people were keen about the minister started speaking on their terms. “A thorough probe would be made into the incident. If it is proved that the students were killed in police firing, the concerned police personnel would not be spared too. I request you to calm down and help the administration in holding the probe,” the minister told the villagers.
Villagers, however, showed no trend to accept the administrative probe by the state government. We want a probe by CBI and nothing less than such a probe is acceptable, they told the minister.
After the Trinamool delegation left the village, senior BJP leaders including Rajya Sabha MP Rupa Ganguly, state president of BJP Mohila Morcha Locket Chatterjee, BJP leader Mukul Roy and state BJP general secretary Pratap Banerjee arrived at the village around 12 noon.
Ganguly, in fact, went to Daribhit village on Saturday evening once. BJP leaders along with families of deceased students spoke to other villagers and also to the students of Daribhit high school, who live at the village.
All raised the same demand of CBI probe and asked the BJP leadership to take steps so that the probe was ordered immediately.
“Death of Rajesh and Tapas are irreparable. They are victims of state atrocities. We cannot get them back to you. However, our promise is that BJP would be with you all. We would convey your message to the right forum,” Ganguly said.