Black magic at Roshan Giri’s doorstep in Darjeeling; family threatened

3 Sep 2018

Former Gorkha Janmukti Morcha general secretary Roshan Giri’s mother Dipa on Monday lodged a complaint with the Darjeeling Sadar police station of criminals intimidating her and issuing death threats to her and her family. Roshan Giri is now on the run.
Giri’s house is located in down-town area of Chandmari in ward 26 of Darjeeling municipality. Currently, only his mother and younger son Siddhanth are residing in the two-storey house. When Dipa woke up and opened the front door of the house on Monday, she was left stumped by the sight of some kind of voodoo rituals conducted on the steps leading to her house. On a small heap of rice was a potato supported by thin broom sticks on four sides and top was dangling a lemon and green-chillies, indicating some kind of animal sacrifice. On the side of the plate was red vermillion strewn and finger prints on the steps.
“I was really scared to see all the stuff outside the front door when I opened it in the morning. There was a hand written letter also. The letter threatened my son and his family,” Dipa alleged, after lodging the complaint. The letter referred to the way “Subash Ghisingh had been hounded out of the hills” and asked Giri not to attempt to enter the hills.
Giri’s mother ridiculed the claim that peace and normality had been restored in the hills and asserted she did not know the whereabouts of her son. “Is this the peace they talk about returning to the hills? Why are we being put to such stress and threat? I don’t know where my son is,” said Dipa.
On the other hand Giri uploaded a message in the party’s Whatsapp group on Monday demanding that the State Government and the Centre and and said a suo motu case should be initiated and her mother should be provided with security. “I don’t believe in witch-crafts and black magic. But I am concerned about the psychological toll the incident will take on my mother and small son. I know this is the handy-work of people who have taken the help of the police administration to crush our statehood demand by threatening me. I have also been threatened to be
killed. Therefore I demand that the police, the Central government and also the judiciary take this as sou-motu case and provide security to my family,” he has said in his message.
Officials of the district police refused to elaborate but admitted that they had received a complaint lodged by Giri’s mother and that they had started investigations. (EOIC)