Darjeeling arrest for sale of addictive drugs without prescription

25 Oct 2018

One person was arrested in the Chandmari area of Darjeeling on Thursday for selling medical drugs without prescription from a medical shop. Police seized about 100 phensedyl bottles and 2000 spasmo proxyvon capsules from the medical shop with search going on for the owner of the shop.
Darjeeling DSP Sidarth Dorzi said, "We had got information that drugs were being sold without any prescriptions from the medical shop around the hospital premises here.  We were tracking the shop for some time and today a decoy was sent there as a customer and he was arrested. The owner has escaped but he will be arrested soon."
The police however did not want to divulge the name of the shop with search on for the owner. The shop is presently under lock and key. "We also appeal to the people that if they hear of such similar cases they should report to us," said Dorzi. (EOIC)